Monday, June 9, 2014

Historic Estes Park

Tourists often travel to Estes Park mainly because Rocky Mountain National Park is located next to the city. In fact, the agreement meets the needs of travelers for more than a hundred and thirty years ago, when the news of the stunning scenery and abundant wildlife began to emerge across the country. Today, Estes Park offers shopping, dining and lodging to meet almost all the needs of travelers. However, there is more to Estes Park from just being a big tourist town. Estes Park has a rich history that can be revived with a simple on / behavior during the visit.

The first stop should be the Estes Park Museum, which has a beautiful view of the Amerindian elements. Ute and Arapaho tribes, in particular, is a common resident of the area. Learn how the Old Man Mountains (located a few miles from the museum) is considered as a place to search for centuries vision. The museum also has continued to explore the cabin.

Which brings us to 1860, when the family settled in the region. Though they remained a couple of years, the area was named after them with the editor of a newspaper in Denver. If you look across the street to the museum in Estes Lake, formed in 1940, with the dam, you will see the site of the original house. Obviously, 1900 is not the same sensitivity to the preservation of the history of the modern era. However, a great example of the original appropriation can be seen by a visit to the MacGregor Ranch preserved, which was established in 1873. Holidays available farm work anymore.

Next stop, as you head towards the city, should be the Stanley Hotel. In short, after the world began to discover that a large area is Estes Park, there is the struggle for land. Basically, Rich Lord Dunraven want to change the region into their own private game preserve and multiply. Dunraven local settlers fought and eventually dropped the plan. Now enter into the glory of the steam car, FO Stanley, not only to buy the land Dunraven 1900s, but also to improve the roads and infrastructure in the region. Hotel is a testament to human foresight. Even if you do nothing but enjoy a delicious meal, Stanley is a must visit.

Visit the city proper and visit the bookstore near Macdonald. In addition to offering many choices of books and magazines, the store is located in one of the original hut was built in 1907 forest. Finally, consider taking in a movie at the Park Theatre, the oldest operating theater in the United States. The place is starting to show silent movies.

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