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Tokyo Imperial Palace - Rich in Culture

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the capital of Japan's industrial heart and those who appreciate the culture industry must begin his journey around the city's main shopping street - Ginza, where the shops and restaurants of the most important and expensive. The road was established by the British architect in the renovation of the city after a fire in 1872.

However, if you still want to feel the soul of the East, starting with Asakus environment, which saves the scent of ancient Japan. Although in the past it was known for its "holiday indulgence" and is considered one of the "hot".

So what is there to see in Tokyo? Tokyo Imperial Palace is located in the central part of the Japanese capital of Edo Castle in the region. Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, who had his residence here. Other Tokugawa Shogunate decided to expand and strengthen the castle and in 1637 became one of the largest castles in Japan Until 1868 the official residence of the kings of Japan located in Kyoto. But as Meidzi dynasty was restored in 1868 under the shogunate collapsed and the Japanese capital moved to Tokyo. Since then, Edo Castle becoming the new imperial residence. It is here, in the beautiful gardens and Kitanomaru Higashi behind the moat and fortified walls, the Imperial Palace is located. Erection and castle walls was named a national heritage in 1963 and since then they are protected by the government. Modern palace complex was built in 1964 - 1986 which is an old castle (burned during the U.S. bombing in 1945).

Tokyo Tower (which is 333 meters) and complex modern skyscrapers "Three Towers" are also among the main attractions of the city.

One of the most popular temples and most visited Shinto - Meidzi, also in Tokyo. This relic Meidzi dedicated to the Emperor, who with his wife, is considered the only one who opened Japan to the world (no one was allowed to enter the country before that date). Built in 1920, after his death, the shrine was destroyed during the Second World War and was rebuilt only in 1958. Today you can visit the sanctuary (Naihaiden), where the main temple is located, and outside the sanctuary (Gehaiden), opened in , 1926. Homotsuden museum is also in the odd places that can attract you here. Built in 1921 and retaining the emperor and photographs and personal items consort.

Senso-ji - the temple town more respectable, located in the Asakusa district. By 628, the goal is to keep the golden statue of Buddhist goddess of mercy, Kannon, who, according to legend, was found by two fishermen. 5 storey pagoda temples and largely rebuilt after the Second World War. However, it is still a busy place. It is said that a large incense burner in front of the entrance to cure the disease. There are also many relics at a Shinto shrine.

And of course, Tokyo is famous for its museum which has no analogues in the world. They are: Kite Museum with more than 4,000 exhibits, Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Museum subway and entertainment museum, museum of matches, bicycles and the Museum of Bags and museums.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dubai Palm Island - Attractions For Your Vacation

The Snow Park
The Snow Park is built with a covered area of 22,500 square meters covered in real snow all year round is amazing. Ski Dubai attraction includes 5 different races depending on your difficulty, height and tilt. It has a length of 60 meters and fell more than 400 feet into the first world championship in the long room.

Hotel Burj Al Arab
The world's highest hotel offers rooms and suites but starting from 170 square meters to 780 square meters exceptional suite. Butler offers even less help you need. Suite is at the forefront of technology. Everything is controlled by a remote control to play the sound system for the opening of a 42-inch plasma TV screen or even close the curtains.

Dubai Desert Safari
This off-road Arabian adventure takes you from the Atlantis the dubai palm island in the golden sand dunes. Travel time to the luxury of choosing a 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser is usually about 45 minutes. After the tour, you will find a rollercoaster in the desert, known as dune bashing. Here, you will start screaming, yelling, screaming and laughing with enthusiasm in the way of adventure. The visit usually lasts about 5-6 hours.

The Dubai Zoo
Located in Jumeirah, started as a private zoo. Species such as Arabic, Gordon irregular and only captive breeding colony of Socotra cormorants wolf Arab world are found here. The Bengal tiger endangered big cats and seven species of primates can also be seen. Until now, the zoo changed, rehabilitation and modernization similar to the natural habitat of the animal environment application.

Atlantis is located on the island of Palm Jumeirah. This camera was also missing under the Ambassador Lagoon, where 250 species of sea creatures can be found. It Dolphin Bay, the dolphins were created, which has three lakes where tourists can still swim in between their habitat. It also has a waterpark Aqua company that has a water slide and a beautiful water garden.

Art Attack Gallery
Those who love painting and illustration, they can visit the Art Gallery of Attack. Having a mix ranging from painting and sculpture installations exposure.

If you want to know more about dubai palm island, and plans to dubai, first take a look at some pictures, of course, only in

Keukenhof Gardens - Cruising Through The Seasons

Many people choose to take advantage of river cruises for your vacation, and it is quite common to automatically start planning for the summer cruise, enjoy the summer sun and the wonders of nature at full speed. Here are some suggestions on what can be enjoyed in different seasons on a cruise ship.


Although summer is definitely not make an appearance during the winter months, there is much more to be enjoyed in the winter cruises. One of the most anticipated annual celebration occurs during the winter Christmas.

Making a very special Christmas and a trip along the Rhine, while enjoying the Christmas lights shining brightly town and villages that you can visit along the way. Christmas has a certain magic to it and there is no more complete the season bypass palace and vineyards are magnificent. And of course, a delicious Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can be enjoyed without washing!


Think Amsterdam iconic and it becomes clear why the cruise in Europe in the spring can be one of the most enjoyable. Colorful tulips in bloom in the Netherlands Bulbfields is a very beautiful sight to behold, and stopped at the Keukenhof Gardens to see the color of spring, waking trees and sparkling lakes can be found in many river cruises spring.


Hottest months of the year which is great to enjoy a nice cruise and spend more time enjoying daytime temperatures mean a longer route with many stops along the way can be enjoyed.

For example, a river cruise on the Rhine from Germany into Switzerland and back can be fully explored in 10 days, visiting a number of charming towns and villages every day. Europe is one of the most beautiful places to be in the summer and every stop along the Rhine has something special about it, is a local wine tasting, a vibrant town square or the path to a more beautiful even at the height of summer.


Though of course in the late autumn, river cruises in Europe are using the Christmas market is an experience that is absolutely fantastic. The market in Germany is famous in the world, and each will have their own captivating features. Lots of good ideas for gifts, delicious German sausages, Christmas decorations and other drinks fairytale atmosphere that warms the stomach, the Christmas market in Cologne in particular is an absolute pleasure to visit.

If you want to know more about the beautiful tulips, and plans to visit Keukenhof Gardens, take a look at some pictures first, of course, only in

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5 Great Things to Do In Rome

Old structures and ruins that date back more than a view of the 2,000-year-old from the eternal city, a romantic stroll through the gardens, large family camping area, a collection of art work, beautifully designed and auditory hallucinations basilica chance of becoming pope, this is only one thing that can You see and do in Rome.

Because Rome offers so much, choosing the top 5 is rather difficult.

However, after a day of exploration and rigorous analysis, I finally understand what all the major tourist thing, especially for first time visitors in Rome do should not miss when visiting Rome.

Walking Coliseum History

The Coliseum is certainly one of the major structures in Rome that tourists should not miss brave. It is a huge amphitheater that is located in the historic center of Rome. He is considered the greatest stadium ever built in the Roman Empire. It serves not only as a major step in Rome, but also the epitome of great gifts and skills are highly developed ancient Roman engineers. This stadium over the age of 2, 000 years is so large that it can accommodate more than 50,000 square meters respectively. With a large and impressive building, you can definitely say that it was worth all the effort, time and money you spend just to cross.

Walk and relax in the gardens of Villa Borghese

If you are alone, with friends, family or your romantic partner, walk in the gardens of Villa Borghese and breathe the fresh air of relaxation could be so delicious. Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome, close to the gardens of Villa Doria Pamphili There and garden. It is also the most central public park in the Eternal City and is very popular for those looking to relax, runners, train and people who like to walk with a pet. Tourism and local boat enthusiasts can also enjoy the relaxation of sailing and fun activities in an artificial lake in Villa Borghese. You can also enjoy eating turtle, watch different varieties of water birds and fish in the pond, and riding in the park. If you want to escape the bustle of the city or you want to escape the hustle of the big city, you can climb the hill behind the Gianicolo and Trastevere.

Treat your tongue with Roman Provender

When in Rome, you should not miss treat your tongue with the town fodder. You can take a piece of authentic Roman pizza many pizzerias in the city. If you want to prove, in the final analysis a gourmet kitchen culture of the Roman town, try a slice of pizza and thin which was recently launched in a traditional wood oven and give a taste of a glass of wine in Roman style. You should not miss the experience of sweet treats indulgence guilt Rome. You can find beautiful cafes and shops that offer the best chocolate and candy around the eternal city of Rome, especially around the Pantheon. So never miss to give your taste buds with a famous Italian ice cream and authentic Italian coffee.

Attend an audience with the Pope

Devout Catholic and even people from different religious sectors are welcome to sit in St. Peter's Square and was among a general audience with the Pope. If you want a more intimate moments with the Pope, you can take your dough courtroom Wednesday morning in the Sala Nervi. After Mass, you can take a walk in St. Peter's, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, where you can see the frescoes were designed with great care and wonderful works of Michelangelo's Basilica.

Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Of course there are many things to do and a lot of beautiful things to see in Rome. If you want to experience Rome, most have never lost throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

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Tips to Find Cheap Flights Cape Town

Shopping is a hobby that many women take seriously. They want to shop for your holiday, no matter what. And if you have time to do it, why not spend a little time to visit the shops and see what people are buying and maybe even take some touristy stuff as well? It is very common that people on vacation activity. Some vacation destinations are known to have a good place to shop and this is what people go for. A place that is off the beaten path, but may be able to provide a good shopping experience of Cape Town, South Africa They have many stores and malls, people can go to kill time and make a purchase yourself all your loved ones at home or.

Cape Town is home to four different malls that locals and tourists can make their purchases. If you prefer to shop in stores, you can find at home, or can be done for a better price, this center is the place to go. You will find all the stores that sell staple food court and such.

If you are not ready to go to the mall, or maybe you really want to expand your horizons and see what Cape Town has to offer, so do not be afraid. Cape Town is home to many other business areas. There are a number of markets in the city selling everything from antiques to hand collection. Perhaps the biggest market of Green Market Square Cape Town. This is one of the oldest and houses a variety of antiques, such as; clothing, jewelry and household items. This market is open every day for you to purchase at your heart's content.

Finding the type of place where you can find jewelry? So do not worry because Cape Town has a wonderful store called Dolce & Banana. The unique name of the store has a large collection of handmade jewelery all made from local ingredients and are made in a true African style. If you want a great souvenir to take home to someone, it would be the best place to go for a big piece that people will talk about for years to come.

Shopping is often known as "retail therapy" and sometimes even on a relaxing vacation, you just want to go shopping and not think about anything else. If you find the will, when you are in Cape Town, ready for what you want to buy, but do not worry there is no place to shop. So start your holiday off right by booking cheap flights to Cape Town, to save money there, so you can buy your heart when you land.

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Get the Best Citrus Fruit in Florida

It is well known that the state of Florida produces some of the best flavors of citrus in the world indeed. The weather conditions were very good, good soil and abundant rainfall make Florida a distinct advantage in producing high orange and grapefruit on the market. This is an area in Florida, however, is the best place for the cultivation of oranges in one of the citrus-producing countries: Indian River Citrus Region.

This region is a narrow strip of land about 200 miles along the east coast of central Florida in the state. It has earned this reputation since 1920, and are very important for producers where the Federal Trade Commission banned the use of the term "Indian River" for all non-fruits grow oranges here. Although oranges are grown here, the main crop is grapefruit. At this time, approximately 75% of all Florida grapefruit come from this area.

This area is very flat, so that the water table is only 2-3 meters. The water supply and the fact that the area receives about 52 inches of rain per year, so the water content for the growth of the ideal result. Soil rich in calcium and other minerals are also ideal for growing citrus.

These are the factors that go into making this area ideal for the cultivation of citrus. But perhaps the main reason leading to other parts of the country, because it is less sensitive to perhaps the greatest enemy of citrus. And in the winter can make an incredible amount of damage to the citrus industry and the Indian River area is built with protection against freezing. There are three reasons for this:

1. Near the Gulf Stream. As the Atlantic to the Indian River region is capable of capturing more heat from the Atlantic to the Gulf Stream works its way into the Caribbean.

2 cold. Removing air from the north. Due to the fact that it is far from winter down from the north, have a better chance to survive this period of cold.

3. Zone evenly. When chilled water pump manufacturers is expected in the garden, and because of the flatness few centimeters of water will provide enough heat at night to raise the temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.

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Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal on the east bank of the Hooghly River. Formerly known as Calcutta, Kolkata is a business, cultural and educational center of eastern India. The city covers an area of ​​728.45 km ² and is the capital of India until 1911. Town is a center of the Indian independence movement. It is nicknamed "the cultural capital of India" and "City of Joy".

Top Things to Do

Several major tourist destination Kolkata are:

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial is a huge marble building built in 1906-1921. This memorial is dedicated to Queen Victoria. The monument was designed by Sir William Emerson. Central dome is 16 meters from the figure of the angel of victory. The dome is surrounded by sculptures such as art, architecture, justice and charity. The memorial consists of 25 galleries, including the Royal Gallery, a gallery of national leaders, portrait gallery, the central hall, gallery and sculpture gallery arms and armory. This monument has a collection of books, portraits and paintings. Created a new gallery called Calcutta gallery traces the history of visual Calcutta. The park covers an area of ​​64 acres. Memorial is open 10:00 to 5: 00 every day except Monday and the park is open 5:30 to 07:00 every day. Cost for the tour of the park is Rs 4 / - and the burden on the memorial is Rs 10 / -

Fort William

Fort William was built in 1781 in honor of King William III on the east bank of the Hooghly River. The fort was built of brick and mortar octagon shape with an area 5SQ km. Five parts of the fort is facing down and the other three sides of the river Hooghly. There are six solid doors and used as the headquarters of the Eastern Command of the Indian Army. The fort was guarded by soldiers and civilian influx is limited.

Birla Planetarium

The Birla Planetarium is one-story circular structure and architecture similar to the Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi. Planetarium opened July 2, 1963 by Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India. Planetarium has an electronic laboratory for the design and manufacture of equipment and photo gallery in which the science of astronomy and sky models of famous astronomers can see. The Planetarium also represent some of the facts of astronomy, astrophysics, space science, and myths about the stars and planets. Daily programs conducted in English, Bengali and Hindi 12:00 to 07:00.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is known as Rabindra Setu is a symbol of Kolkata. The bridge is one of four bridges on the river Hooghly. A cantilever bridge is a suspension of the length of the river bridge. This bridge connects the city of Howrah district located in the eastern part of the country. The bridge is a steel construction and 705m long and eight channels. Bridge is 71 meters wide, with two lanes on either side of the bridge is 15 ft height 82m.

Dakhineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineswar Kali is a Hindu temple located in Dakshineswar near Kolkata. Deity of the temple is Bhavatarini, an aspect of Kali. This temple was built by Rani Rashmoni, a philanthropist and a devotee of Kali in 1855. Complex Temple consists of nine main spired temples, large courtyard surrounding the temple and the rooms along the boundary walls. There are twelve shrines dedicated to Shiva.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit Kolkata is from October to March.

Getting there

By Air: The nearest airport is the International Airport Kolkata

By train: The nearest train station is a junction Kolkata

By Road: Kolkata is well connected to other Indian cities by state transport buses.

Shopping in Kolkata

In Kolkata, you can buy

Bankura horses
Brass Craft
metal casting dokra
terracotta tiles
Kantha embroidery fabric

There are many hotels and resorts in Kolkata. Some are listed below:

The Oberoi Grand is located on Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata and space costs around 11,500 rupees per day.
Taj Bengal Kolkata is located in Alipore, Kolkata and space costs around 10,800 rupees per day.
The Park Kolkata is located in Park Street, Kolkata and space costs about 7000 dollars per day.
ITC Sonar is located in Haldane Avenue, Kolkata and space costs about 7,200 rupees per day.
Tatvam Residency is located in Picnic Garden Road, Kolkata and space costs about 3000 dollars per day.
The level of the hotel is not fixed and can vary depending on the season and also services. It is therefore advisable to check the rates before booking the hotel.