Saturday, June 14, 2014

5 Great Things to Do In Rome

Old structures and ruins that date back more than a view of the 2,000-year-old from the eternal city, a romantic stroll through the gardens, large family camping area, a collection of art work, beautifully designed and auditory hallucinations basilica chance of becoming pope, this is only one thing that can You see and do in Rome.

Because Rome offers so much, choosing the top 5 is rather difficult.

However, after a day of exploration and rigorous analysis, I finally understand what all the major tourist thing, especially for first time visitors in Rome do should not miss when visiting Rome.

Walking Coliseum History

The Coliseum is certainly one of the major structures in Rome that tourists should not miss brave. It is a huge amphitheater that is located in the historic center of Rome. He is considered the greatest stadium ever built in the Roman Empire. It serves not only as a major step in Rome, but also the epitome of great gifts and skills are highly developed ancient Roman engineers. This stadium over the age of 2, 000 years is so large that it can accommodate more than 50,000 square meters respectively. With a large and impressive building, you can definitely say that it was worth all the effort, time and money you spend just to cross.

Walk and relax in the gardens of Villa Borghese

If you are alone, with friends, family or your romantic partner, walk in the gardens of Villa Borghese and breathe the fresh air of relaxation could be so delicious. Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome, close to the gardens of Villa Doria Pamphili There and garden. It is also the most central public park in the Eternal City and is very popular for those looking to relax, runners, train and people who like to walk with a pet. Tourism and local boat enthusiasts can also enjoy the relaxation of sailing and fun activities in an artificial lake in Villa Borghese. You can also enjoy eating turtle, watch different varieties of water birds and fish in the pond, and riding in the park. If you want to escape the bustle of the city or you want to escape the hustle of the big city, you can climb the hill behind the Gianicolo and Trastevere.

Treat your tongue with Roman Provender

When in Rome, you should not miss treat your tongue with the town fodder. You can take a piece of authentic Roman pizza many pizzerias in the city. If you want to prove, in the final analysis a gourmet kitchen culture of the Roman town, try a slice of pizza and thin which was recently launched in a traditional wood oven and give a taste of a glass of wine in Roman style. You should not miss the experience of sweet treats indulgence guilt Rome. You can find beautiful cafes and shops that offer the best chocolate and candy around the eternal city of Rome, especially around the Pantheon. So never miss to give your taste buds with a famous Italian ice cream and authentic Italian coffee.

Attend an audience with the Pope

Devout Catholic and even people from different religious sectors are welcome to sit in St. Peter's Square and was among a general audience with the Pope. If you want a more intimate moments with the Pope, you can take your dough courtroom Wednesday morning in the Sala Nervi. After Mass, you can take a walk in St. Peter's, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, where you can see the frescoes were designed with great care and wonderful works of Michelangelo's Basilica.

Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Of course there are many things to do and a lot of beautiful things to see in Rome. If you want to experience Rome, most have never lost throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

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