Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get the Best Citrus Fruit in Florida

It is well known that the state of Florida produces some of the best flavors of citrus in the world indeed. The weather conditions were very good, good soil and abundant rainfall make Florida a distinct advantage in producing high orange and grapefruit on the market. This is an area in Florida, however, is the best place for the cultivation of oranges in one of the citrus-producing countries: Indian River Citrus Region.

This region is a narrow strip of land about 200 miles along the east coast of central Florida in the state. It has earned this reputation since 1920, and are very important for producers where the Federal Trade Commission banned the use of the term "Indian River" for all non-fruits grow oranges here. Although oranges are grown here, the main crop is grapefruit. At this time, approximately 75% of all Florida grapefruit come from this area.

This area is very flat, so that the water table is only 2-3 meters. The water supply and the fact that the area receives about 52 inches of rain per year, so the water content for the growth of the ideal result. Soil rich in calcium and other minerals are also ideal for growing citrus.

These are the factors that go into making this area ideal for the cultivation of citrus. But perhaps the main reason leading to other parts of the country, because it is less sensitive to perhaps the greatest enemy of citrus. And in the winter can make an incredible amount of damage to the citrus industry and the Indian River area is built with protection against freezing. There are three reasons for this:

1. Near the Gulf Stream. As the Atlantic to the Indian River region is capable of capturing more heat from the Atlantic to the Gulf Stream works its way into the Caribbean.

2 cold. Removing air from the north. Due to the fact that it is far from winter down from the north, have a better chance to survive this period of cold.

3. Zone evenly. When chilled water pump manufacturers is expected in the garden, and because of the flatness few centimeters of water will provide enough heat at night to raise the temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius.

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